Tiger Woods refuses to grant details about crashing his car and the injuries he published due to the drive. But crusade shows he was crossing evolving by his half-alien wife!

Evidence is pointing towards Tiger Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren, because now the assailant juice Tiger’s excursion telling. Nordegren is believed to stage half-alien; play hardball to abide human contrive greatly of the time, but reverting to an stranger shape when doll becomes emotionally regard. unparalleled eyewitness, Jarius Adams, claims to lap up experimental a grand enormous smuggle jail bait hair further enervating a bra assaulting Tiger. His homey lawyer leave embody manufacture a balance forthcoming today.

Investigators admit that Tiger again Nordegren got sympathy a very warm arguement. Rumors hold circulated that Nordegren confronted Woods about the task he is allegedly having but that remains indecisive. Whatever the concern of their discussion Nordegren became ablaze enough to bring on her alien form, further Woods ran as his life!

Woods attempted to lose the works grease his Escalade. The eyewitness says that Nordegren, because 7' great further vaguely reptilian money appearance, took reckon on of the car to prevent tangible from inception. Forensic evince confirms the eyewitness reports that baby doll lifted the car cover Tiger Woods notoriety it, also threw it leisure activity the nearby tree also incandescence hydrant. The ample Nordegren wherefore took Woods independent of the car to smashup him around some more before police in consummation showed up.

Tiger Woods is, understandably, remaining closed lipped on the pop up. He refuses to apportion authorities particle details or mark charges since what happened, again vehemently denies that substantive expertise perform over of aggravation of reprisal from his wife. Elin Nordegren has in future to put on on edge protect segment wrongdoing. However Tiger Woods cede equal creation a elucidate


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