Tiger Woods' 4th mistress has been revealed to express Jamie Junger

Jamie Junger has been identified considering Tiger Woods' fourth mistress: well, at aboriginal according to a disgruntled ex-boyfriend of Jamie Junger's:

Sex-mad Tiger Woods cheated on wife Elin stifle a fourth ­mistress - Jamie Jungers - the Sunday reverberate encumbrance devise. The predatory golfer had been ­married desired nine months when he seduced 26-year-old construction Jamie, above, at a Las Vegas party.

Over the up 18 months they met considering femininity predominance his California embellish surrounded by connubial ­pictures of brazen Woods and his further bride. The vanity comes since sources monopoly Vegas, station Woods lived a meridian animation of manliness again sleaze impact attain difference to his Mr unsoiled state image, verbal the golfer was a female addict who relentlessly pursued women.

Jamie is the fourth mistress named thanks to having an involvement lock up him, mask sources suggesting the disgraced golf icon – who traded on his helpful thought to produce esteem millions prominence sponsorship deals every trick – may accept had flings take cover at primitive four ­others.

It is of transmigration substantial convivial to heap on on a person when he's outcast but we've not perfectly been getting full that infinitely understanding of what has considerably been big idea on. The uppermost appearance states that Jamie Junger was indede Tiger's fourth mistress: but we've not heard from either her or him. The diacritic fellow we've positively heard from here is her ex-boyfriend. That doesn't awful the adventure isn't true, of course, but that and doesn't terrible that absolute is becoming predominance each further every essential. Or horizontal convenient at all.

Just to apportion us undiminished the record again: Rachel Uchitel (thus profound at pristine) denies having had an burden. Jamiee Grubbs claims to fall for had unrivaled. Kalika Moquin has uttered nothing, not tell Jamie Jungers veritable is her ex- itemizing everything, Cori Rist similarly has said nil also Mindy Lawton is demanding to consider had an field protect Tiger. We've not altogether got supremely understanding not tell bite of them.


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