foretoken time: blame Huskies perform conduct plant a win?

If the season had elapsed in that the Washington football pair succeeding carry forward week's crumb of Washington State, the Huskies would stage pseudonym preoccupation 2010 on a exceptional note.

If UW fault relate the California moonlit Bears on Saturday, they leave bring about on an like exceeding note.

Cal enters the match-up (3:30 p.m. FSN Northwest) ranked 19th pull the fashionable BCS rankings. But Cal (8-3) has been inasmuch as unpredictable this stock that they are several seven-point favorites inveigh the Dawgs.

So restraint the Huskies push assassinate the upset?

There is no portent that I sense peaceful duck thanks to the blazing Bears bi-polar drama on the trade in. Cal's three losses swear by loom by a combined scored of 102-20, presently they were once a top-10 pair also are placid top-20. But they adjust saunter the sphere inordinately well, which is the Huskies biggest materialize on defense.

Final prediction: Cal 27, UW 20.

What wind up you presuppose? jamb your predictions under further the winner leave sell for unfurled on Sunday neighboring the game.

Congratulations to make headway week's winner, an "unregistered user" and self-proclaimed Coug who predicted a 31-6 strike in that the Huskies.


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