Utah Municipal Election Day November 2009

By Meena Kar Nov 3rd. The early voting for the Utah election had concluded on 30th October 2009. People who did not cast their vote in the early elections would come to vote on 3rd November 2009. On the municipal election day 2009, people of Utah would have to cast and select the suitable candidate. As stated by the sources, three points were brought for the Utah election and it is expected, the new mayor would take care of it.

The first issue was for the public safety building of Salt Lake City. It has been reported by the sources that people were asked to cast vote for supporting the 125 million dollar bond needed to construct a building for public safety administration. Sources also stated that this would increase the property taxes of people.

Some other improvements were also planned for the state. According to the reports of the sources, the second proposition was related to the “Granite School District Bond”. Earlier a sum of 256 million dollar was borrowed by school district to make some improvements and also to construct new schools. It has been stated that plans were made so that school board can repay the loan without increasing property taxes.

The “Davis School District Bond” is the third proposition raised before this election. According to the sources, Wasatch Elementary school’s replacement has been planned by the district. They have also planned for replacing 1 special needs school, 3 elementary schools and 2 junior high schools. It has come to the news that the district have also planned for utilizing the fund that they had previously kept aside.

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