Brandon Spikes’ Eye Gouge Against Georgia

Florida- It was a splendid match to watch Florida Gators won by 41-17 beating their arch rival Georgia on Sunday. The game has already gained recognition as Florida’s best victory ever. Its always exciting to see Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs facing with each other. The Sunday game was an electrifying one including controversy of Brandon Spikes’ eye gouging.

During Florida’s 17th win against Georgia on Sunday, a video caught linebacker Brandon Spikes busy in a foul play and his eye gouge was recorded. Annoyed with this event Florida Coach Urban Meyer had some serious post-game talk with the linebacker.

Eye-gouging is the act of pressing or tearing the eye of opponent using the fingers, other body parts, or instruments. Eye-gouging involves a very high risk of eye injury, such as permanent eye loss. It is disallowed in combat sports and anyone found practicing this nasty work signifies lack of sportsmanship.

Florida Gators and Georgia had a breath-taking game on Sunday. Gators were victorious on as many as 16 occasions, prior to this game. This may be the reason behind Gators’s overenthusiam with yet another victory whereas the Georgians were also playing desperately to win the game. The things went wrong several times during the game.

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