London in Credit Card Court Case

Actor JEREMY LONDON is facing legal action from a credit card company after allegedly failing to pay his bills.
The former 7th Heaven star has been hit with a lawsuit from attorneys for American Express, who allege the 36 year old racked up $19,485 (£12,990) in charges he never paid off.
Now bosses at the financial firm are demanding their money back, as well as interest and attorneys' fees, according to legal documents obtained

Unlike his twin brother Jason London, Jeremy London’s career seems increasingly pointed toward television work, though he does occasionally appear in feature films. Born in San Diego, 27 minutes after Jason, Jeremy was raised in Oklahoma. His mother divorced their father when they were young. As the family’s sole supporter, she moved them often until she finally located them a more permanent home in middle-class De Soto, a suburb of Dallas, TX, where he, his brother, and their younger sister Dedra London took acting classes. It was Jeremy who was first bitten by the acting bug while in high school. He made his film debut as a stunt double for his brother in The Man in the Moon (1990) and, from there, had bit parts in a couple other films. He had his first speaking role when he played a bit part in the made-for-TV feature In Broad Daylight (1991), which also marked the debut of sister Dedra in a small role. Later, Jeremy replaced his brother Jason in the role of Nathan in the critically acclaimed NBC television drama I’ll Fly Away. Jason reclaimed the role in the PBS film version. Jeremy gained further experience in the briefly aired CBS series Angel Falls and in a trio of made-for-television movies. He had his first feature film role in The Babysitter, a taut direct-to-video drama starring Alicia Silverstone. On television, Jeremy is best known for playing the dangerously handsome Griffin on the Fox teen-oriented drama Party of Five. The part was originally meant as a short-term role, but when Griffin was written out of the show, outraged fans flooded producers with letters of protest. The producers listened and London became a cast regular. Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

Posted by imran Monday, September 28, 2009


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