Simply the best - by the river Banks of Southern Laos

The rainy season, or otherwise referred to as the green season, is often considered a boring period for many people. Conversely, personally this period of time brings me a feeling of cheerfulness, as all the things surrounding me are starting their new lives. Trees change from a dreary brown to a glowing green, while the rice fields are carpeted with green hopes.

As soon as I had the opportunity of a short break due to a long public-holiday weekend in July, I wasn’t going to miss the chance to recharge my batteries by visiting one of my favourite places, Southern Laos. What’s more, to make my trip even more special, I spent most of my time lazing during the Vat Phou Cruise, observing and really appreciating the close look I had into the colourful lives by the river banks of Mekong River.

Posted by imran Tuesday, September 29, 2009


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