South Sudan becomes the world's newest nation

South Sudan had reached a comprehensive peace agreement with the North Sudan in 2005, brokered by US Secretary of State Colin Powell under former President George W Bush, that stopped the bloody civil war and paved the way for the January referendum. Some 99 per cent of southern Sudanese had voted for independence from the north of Sudan in the referendum. But, major elements of the 2005 peace agreement are still unresolved like which side will control the oil-rich region of Abyei, where fighting has also broken out raising concerns that conflict may flare up again; citizenship protection for minorities; where final borders will be set; and how oil earnings will be shared -- the south has 70 per cent of the reserves.
"This is a fragile and fraught moment as well. It cannot and must not be taken for granted," US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice, who is leading a bipartisan American delegation to the independence celebration in Juba, said on Thursday. She asked the northern and southern governments to resolve issues related to the resource-rich area of Abyei and other border regions. The US and its partners have offered to convene a global conference in September for South Sudan, which will allow the new country''s leaders to present their plans for encouraging the much-needed private investment.

Posted by imran Friday, July 8, 2011


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