Bright Star Movie

Bright Star is a 2009 film based on the last 3 years of life of poet John Keats and his romantic relationship with Fanny Brawne. It stars Ben Whishaw as Keats and Abbie Cornish as Fanny. A British/Australian/French co-production, it was directed by Jane Campion, who wrote the screenplay and was inspired by the biography of Keats by Andrew Motion, who served as a script consultant on the film. 

The film competed in the main competition at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival, and was first shown to the public on 15 May 2009. The film's title is a reference to a sonnet by Keats named "Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art", which he wrote while he was with Brawne.

Ben Whishaw as John Keats. Keats was one of the key figures in the 2nd generation of the Romantic movement despite the fact that his work had been in publication for only 4 years before his death. During his lifetime his poems were not generally well received by critics and at age 25 he died believing he was a failure. However, his reputation grew and he held significant posthumous influence on many later poets.

Abbie Cornish as Fanny Brawne. Like the real life Fanny Brawne, Fanny in the film is a fiery and fashionable eighteen year old who spends her time creating dresses, hats, and various other garments. She is also something of a flirt and enjoys going to balls, inspiring jealousy in Keats. Though the real life Fanny Brawne went on to marry and have children, she never parted with Keats's love letters.

Paul Schneider as Charles Armitage Brown, Keats's best friend.   

Kerry Fox as Fanny's mother, who is a widow.
Thomas Sangster as Samuel Brawne, Fanny's brother.
Antonia Campbell-Hughes as Abigail O'Donaghue Brown, housemaid and mother of Charles Brown's child.
Claudie Blakley as Mrs Dilke
Jonathan Aris as Leigh Hunt
Samuel Barnett as Joseph Severn

British Independent Film Awards, Best Technical Achievement (for cinematography)    

National Society of Film Critics, Best Supporting Actor

Heartland Film Festival, Truly Moving Sound Award

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