Hunting the elusive Shamrock Shake; not in Louisville

"I've lived here for 3 years and haven't been able to find these delicious nuggets of joy that I grew up with yet," Kim Jurewicz said. "What is wrong with this city?"

Managers of several area McDonald's referred us to corporate headquarters for comment, while daring to suggest that the Shamrock Shake might not be as popular as ardent admirers believe.

The trail led to Pam Fisher, director of marketing for McDonald's Restaurants of Kentuckiana, which includes stores here.

"Some flavors of shakes perform better in different markets," Fisher said. "I'd love to hear that the local community actually wants it. If they wanted it, we would sell it. That's what happened in Indianapolis. We'd a radio station going live from location to location asking for the Shamrock Shake and we got lots of calls."

Don't tell Erin Thompson, a hotel housekeeping manager in Elizabethtown, Ky, that no one wants the Shamrock Shake. The Minnesota native is jealous that her friends back in the Twin Cities can sip Shamrock Shakes while she would have to make a trip to Lebanon Junction, Ky., to get her fix.

"My best friend in Minnesota has had 3 or 4 already. She's coming to visit this week, and well, she wishes she could bring me one - but you can't really fly with a Shamrock Shake," Thompson said.


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