Hostility toward Iranian Jews revealed in distortion of Purim

On March 20, or Adar II 14 on the Jewish calendar, Jews around the world will observe Purim, a joyous celebration of the deliverance of the Jews of the Persian Empire from annihilation more than 2,400 years ago. However, for the Jews of modern Persia—otherwise known as Iran—this year’s Purim may be anything but a joyous celebration. 

This year in Iran, Purim will be observed by Iranians as a day of mourning for the ancient Persians who—according to the Iranian version of the story being broadcast by the state news agency Fars—were massacred by the Jews under the command of the Jewish Queen Esther.

The events that led up to the first observance of Purim are recorded in the biblical book of Esther. However, the Iranian version of the story leaves out all the pertinent details found in the biblical account—except of course, the death of Persians near the end of the book—and instead presents a rewritten story in which Esther and her uncle, Mordecai, perpetrated a holocaust against the Persians. This rewritten version of the original story isn't only being broadcast by the state news agency, but has been taught to Iranian schoolchildren for years.

The Iranian version of Esther leaves out significant events in the story such as a decree legalizing the annihilation of the Jews of Persia. It also neglects to mention that in response to that decree, Esther only asked that the authorization for the destruction of the Jews be overturned.

Posted by imran Sunday, March 20, 2011


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