'Celebrity Apprentice': Jose Canseco survives boardroom

Jose Canseco is a controversial person because of his 2005 in which he named names about steriods and who used them. He even talked about his own steriod use. The controversy has plagued MLB for the past decade at least, and so many of the players have ended up being users of the illegal drug. Although many people denied the claims Canseco made in his book Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big. 

Canseco has had many interesting relationships. He has an identical twin brother named Ozzie Canseco who also played in MLB. He has been married twice. Once to Esther Haddad and the other time to Jessica Sekely. Both of his former wives divorced him after accusing him of domestic violence.

This season's cast of Celebrity Apprentice is the most volitile yet. Jose Canseco fits right in. However, if he wants to continue on to win money for his great charity, he is going to have to create and maintain relationships with his fellow competitors. He started off a little rough with Richard Hatch. Ultimately, Jose Canseco ended up being the star of the first show because he was such a hard worker.

Then, when the men lost, Hatch picked Jose Canseco to come back, and oh man, the gloves came off. In the boardroom with Donald Trump Hatch accused Canseco of not raising any money. Regarldless, Jose Canseco appears to be playing for the end, and he should go far. Do you think he will be successful on the show? Will he develop successful working relationships with the other celebs? Will they be able to trust him?


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