Fat Tuesday 2011: Prince William, Kate Middleton flip pancakes in Ireland

Is there anything the beautiful Kate Middleton can not do? Now she's flipping pancakes and they're landing back in the pan. Amazing. Though it does look like Prince William got the best height on his flip.

For Fat Tuesday, or as it's referred to in the United Kingdom, "Shrove Tuesday," Prince William and Kate Middleton traveled to Belfast and outside the city hall they took turns flipping pancakes, which is the traditional food eaten in Ireland for Shrove Tuesday, according to the AP.

The pan and pancake were there for a fundraiser for the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children, but nobody had any idea that Prince William and the soon-to-be Princess Catherine would be stopping by.

Fat Tuesday is so-called because it's the day of traditionally eating rich, fatty foods before the season of fasting for Lent, which starts Wednesday (March 8, this year) with Ash Wed. Are you getting ready to kick of Lent (and Mardi Gras) by indulging?

William and Kate will be married April 29 and hey, at least now they know they can make each other pancakes.


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