The Celebrity Apprentice 4 Episode 3

Lisa Rinna seemed to be out of her depth in The Celebrity Apprentice 4 Episode 2, and bitches she was surrounded by took advantage of that, leading to her firing.

The men’s win seems to have escaped them already, so Meat Loaf and Gary Busey exchange words before the ladies come back out of the boardroom.

Star tells the women they’re on their own next time. At least now they’ll get the font right. NeNe doesn’t buy it. Star will be back again trying to take over because that’s who she is.

The task is to create an outdoor camping experience to display Camping World’s products and RVs. They will be judged on brand messaging, originality, and overall presentation.

Niki Taylor will be the project manager for the women. Gary Busey will be the project manager for the men (good luck).

The teams will have to negotiate for which campers they want. The men like the one that looks like a tour bus, while the women like the one that looks like it’s for families, so this negotiation process is simple.

After they get done talking, now it’s time for Jose to voice his opinion. He’s not too sure about their choice. A little late for that.

For somebody who was no longer interested in being in control, Star doesn’t waste any time taking over the conversation when they meet the executive from Camping World. Everybody else would love to say something, but they’re not having much luck.

Gary and Lil Jon are already not getting along. Richard Hatch has his seat belt on, expecting a bumpy ride. Meat Loaf is confused where they’re heading.

The women have a theme picked out, a 21st century camping experience. How that differs from a 20th century camping experience I do not know. They arrive at the Camping World store before the guys, and it’s first come, first served. As the other women run around like crazy at the store, Dionne takes her time slowly roaming around and not doing much.

John Rich comes up with an idea to create a Camping World song. Jose wants to be on record that he’s against that, too. It’s too hickish. This leads to a debate with Richard Hatch, who wants to use something other than country, for fear that its audience is perceived as less educated.

By the time the men finally arrive at the store, the women have a huge stack of supplies already outside. They have so much stuff that they start to become overwhelmed. The men, who arrived long after the women, also depart before them.

The guys decide the need trees to make it look more campy. Mark McGrath gets some trees. He informs Gary of this, telling him to set aside a few hundred bucks. Richard gets some trees, too. Gary gives him the okay as well. Mark agrees to cancel his order, at which time Gary denies knowledge of it. When Mark goes to cancel, he finds out he won’t be charged anything. I’d think they should now just cancel Hatch’s order and spend the $900 on something else, but they appear to be ready to just take both.

Star is not happy that she’s been left behind without much instruction, so she takes this as an opportunity to take control again..

Meanwhile, models Hope and Niki go off to the graphics designer. Their first order of business is to figure out what century it is.

The men still don’t have a theme. Gary is unconcerned, just sitting around and relaxing with Jose.

At 6:30, Star calls Niki to say she doesn’t know what the experience is going to be. Niki finds this amusing, responding “We’re camping.” She says they should go to Home Depot for some greenery, which Star calls “very complicated.” When she gets back, Niki sends Dionne and La Toya to Home Depot, but they want to go to Bed Bath & Beyond first.

Mark McGrath is convinced his team has lost. While he panics in the RV, Gary and Jose play catch outside, so Mark takes a video, hoping Trump won’t be so enamored with Gary’s 1979 Academy Award nomination when he sees this. When they return from the printers, John Rich and Meat Loaf don’t think anything has been done. As they carry stuff around, Jose just stays put in his chair.

Unsurprisingly, Dionne and La Toya did not end up going to Home Depot last night, so the women have settled on ballons instead of trees. On the other hand, the men have plenty of greenery, allowing Mark to think that maybe this might not be such a slaughter after all.

When Don Jr. arrives, Niki refuses to say anybody is an issue. Adding to that, she says that, if they don’t win, it’s probably her fault. Marlee’s not quite as shy, and she still doesn’t like Dionne.

While she’s giving her tour, Niki still doesn’t know what century it is.

Hope starts off the tour and shows some people around. From there, they don’t know where to go. Dionne doesn’t like that Hope is stepping on her toes, and she should be outside, rather than in Dionne’s camper. Niki doesn’t want any part of Dionne’s tirade, but Star is okay if she continues.

The Camping World exec seems to be enjoying himself watching the guys in action. Then he asks Meat Loaf what’s behind that big banner he hung up. Turns out it was a TV they never noticed.

Unlike the men, who had prominently, if perhaps inappropriately, placed banners, the women placed their signs on the outskirts where they were not really noticeable.

The exec liked that the women had a high level of knowledge. La Toya could get a job as a salesperson for the company. The lack of branding, however, was a problem. For the men, John Rich did a good job with music, Jose was playing catch with fans, their landscaping was good, and they had a lot of signage. However, they neglected the inside, which looked it was decorated by men.

Niki does not want to pick a favorite. She’s not sure they won, though.

Hope thinks she was a good project manager, and everyone got along. Even Star was happy with how well they worked together.

Needless to say, Dionne is the sour apple of the bunch. Marlee thinks Dionne works when she’s given a task, but doesn’t go beyond what she’s asked.

Gary feels he’s being ganged up on by a group of people within his team, who may have an alliance. He believes Lil Jon is the weak link because he was difficult to communicate with.

Richard does not think Gary was a good leader. John was disappointed. Meat Loaf thought he was good, in situations. Mark says the team was strong enough to overcome his inadequacies. Lil Jon thought they lacked direction, and it was a train wreck.

On an unrelated note, Marlee noticed that Gary had trouble hearing, so she set him up with a doctor, who made him a hearing aid. Turns out he’s been legally deaf for 22 years.

Ivanka points out Jose’s lack of energy. He claims it was just a 5 minute break.

Having heard positive things about John’s performance, Trump asks him to sing his theme song in the boardroom.

In spite of the men having dug apart their project manager and having another airtight scapegoat in Jose, they have won the task. Gary will receive $20,000 from Trump plus $20,000 from Camping World for his charity the Center for Head Injury Services, which he supports since he had a traumatic injury in 1988 after he was thrown off his motorcycle without a helmet.

The men may have won, but they are already bickering before they even get back to the suite.

Niki accepts responsibility for her team’s loss. She refuses to blame anybody else. You don’t have to fire her because she quits, in spite of the fact that she’s one of the stronger people on her team.


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