Spoiler Alert: The following reveals outcome of The Bachelor finale

After traveling the world and narrowing down the pool of 30 women, Brad Womack chose woman he wants to marry.

Brad's family arrives in South Africa to the meet remaining women, Chantal and Emily. He explains to his mother, brothers and 2 sisters-in-law that he's 100 percent considering proposing.

Cut to a shot of Brad as he watches Emily, appropriately dressed in white, walk down the aisle. "You're the one Em, you're it," he says before declaring his love and proposing.

During the After the Final Rose special, viewers get an update on how the couple is doing today, three months post-proposal. Turns out it hasn't been an easy road, to say the least.

Brad explains that he and Emily have broken up once since their engagement and that Emily has had a very tough time watching the season. Although she admits "it's certainly not all roses," Emily does say she's confident in how she feels about Brad. Still, a wedding date has not been set and Emily is not yet ready to relocate to Austin.

The 3 successful Bachelor/Bachelorette couples join in to share some advice. Molly says they should just focus on the relationship and each other, and host Chris Harrison jokes that it could be worse -- Emily could've watched Brad propose to someone else (as Molly had to endure Jason's proposal to Melissa).

Ryan, who's married to the first ever Bachelorette Trista, says that Emily may have to go through a lot of hurt, but in the end it will be to get her perfect guy. Ali and Roberto share how they still remind themselves, "It's just us in a bubble."

Brad and Emily watch their proposal for the very first time and Emily finally gets to wear her ring. Although the two may have had a bumpy road since they finished filming, they're hopeful that they can make it through.


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