3 Valentines Day Gift Ideas You Should Avoid If Your Valentine Is the Pregnant

Valentine’s Day can be a beautiful time to be pregnant. What could be more loving? But a pregnant Valentine isn't just any Valentine. Your beloved gestating woman needs a certain amount of special consideration from you this February 14th.

Here are some things you might want to avoid when choosing a February 14 gift for your pregnant partner.

1. A Smelly Bouquet

Strong-scented flowers may offend your lady’s supersensory perception: Pregnancy amplifies the sense of smell, and sometimes alters it, too. If you want to buy flowers, you might want to stick with something milder, like roses. Or do some research first to see what’s grossing your girl out aromawise.

2. A Fancy Dinner Out..During The First Trimester
There’s little I enjoy more than a perfectly orchestrated meal at a great restaurant. What better way to reconnect with your partner and enjoy the finer things in life?  But in the queasy first trimester, even a fantasy dinner out can be kind of a nightmare.  A candelit dinner becomes a lot less romantic when the candle is being used to inspect the chicken.

3. Anything That Implies she's Required To Have Sex With you, right now

Yes, I know Valentine’s day is the holiday of love and all that. And perhaps you've a long established tradition of exchanging naughty gifts on this celebration of consummation. I’m not saying you should abandon any enjoyable habits,  but do realize that when your woman is pregnant, she may not react in the same way. 

What was once felt as fun might feel a little pressure-y if her hormones or pregnancy side effects are interfering with her desire. So if you do go with something racy, make sure you deliver the gift with an open mind about how and when you will get to see your present in action!


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