Jerod Mayo on D&H: Wes Welker is a ‘funny guy’
Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo joined Dale and Holley on Friday, discussing the team’s upcoming playoff game against the Jets. He joked that was ready to give “Belichick-approved answers” in the interview, and when asked whether he felt Wes Welker had the Belichick-approved answers the day before, responded “obviously not.”

Welker made 11 subtle references to feet in Thursday’s press conference, often saying the Pats had to put their “best foot forward” and even referring to the squad as “little foot soldiers.”

“He’s pretty good. He’s a funny guy,” Mayo said. “He was just answering the questions. That’s all I’m going to say. He was just answering the questions.”

On the return of Brandon Spikes, who served a four-game suspension for violating the league’s susbstance abuse policy, Mayo said his fellow inside linebacker looks good.

“You can tell he’s been working out, staying in shape,” Mayo said. “He’s look good. … He looks like he’s ready to go.”


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