Verizon iPhone 4 release and why iPhone alarm not working

The good news for the iPhone lover is that it is also arriving on Verizon. This is not something new. Since the iPhone landed in the industry the buzz has been that it would make its arrival soon. Actually when iPhone was to hit the market, there were many reports showing that Apple was roping in Verizon for this device.

But at the 11th hour the California-based firm changed its mind and announced that it would go with its old partner AT&T. However, but things didn’t end there as reports on and off surfaced about Verizon iPhone. Later on many users got fed up with the rumors and lost all hope in it. But once more reports have popped up claiming that Verizon iPhone is on its way.

According to industry insiders, it is just a few weeks away. This time newspapers and blogs are citing a person familiar with Apple's plans "who isn't authorized to discuss them publicly." Bloomberg has been the 1st news agency to report about it.

If we believe the report then it is understood that Verizon iPhone is going to come after next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Till now many reports have been published on this issue. However, the million dollar question is: what will happen to AT&T?

Will its die-hard fans move to Verizon? This and other questions are being debated in the industry. Right now there is confusion. However, those who are aware of the things in the industry are of the opinion that many AT&T customers would move to Verizon. Besides, Verizon fans who had been waiting for it are also happy with the report.

An article published in the Bloomberg that quotes John Hodulik, an analyst at UBS AG in New York, chances are that 2.3 million iPhones in 2011 (down from 15.6 millions in 2010). That is not a good news for AT&T that earlier was chided for failed to give quality service.

Meanwhile the iPhone's non-recurring alarms stopped working for a staggering 2 days after the clocks struck midnight to usher in 2011. Instead, thousands of smart phone owners got a surprise lie-in and many were forced to blame the glitch for being late for work.


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