DeAnna Pappas:The Brad Womack’s Bachelor Woman Scorned (Video)

Season 15 of “The Bachelor” is going to be interesting, and it sure started out with a bang! DeAnna Pappas and the Jenni Croft confronted Brad Womack about their controversial end to the 2007 show. Want to get all the juicy details, with more photos and video of the “face-off?” Keep reading below!

When he was the man handing out the roses a few years ago, he ended the season by choosing neither of the final women. They were devastated and he was heavily criticized. Both women moved on, however, and they came back to share their thoughts with the man who hurt them, before he met the new set of bachelorettes.

As the show opened last night host Chris Harrison had a talk with the returning man about his journey since he was at the mansion last. Brad Womack opened up about how after counseling he is a changed man and feels like he is now ready to find love. But if he thought things would go completely smooth, he signed up for the wrong show.

Harrison then introduced Deanna Pappas and Jenni Croft! You could tell he was very anxious, and he twitched and kept adjusting his tie. They talked about how they felt and how they have moved on (one is engaged, the other married). Croft basically said she isn’t sure how it will work since all his potential women will know what he did before, but that she wishes him the happiness she has found. The other rejected woman was a little more blunt, and described how he was the 1st man she opened up to, and she got burned! Don’t miss that clip below.

I am just curious about what the women trying to find love on the reality show will react over time to Brad Womack. Will they expect to be scorned like Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas? Be sure to stay tuned this season for all the updates! Good luck bachelorettes!


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