New Year Home Decor Tips

It is obvious that your friends will come to your new year party even if there are the same old decorations but why not go for a unique and a different set up this year ?. Get rid of those boring balloon decorations and look out for these new year home decor tips on how to decorate and make your home atttractive for this new year 2011.

1.Change your living room into a cool dance floor. Make a disco ball by buying a plain hand made paper (ball shaped) lamp shade and stick the old compact CD bits on the lamp shade. Place it at the centre of your dance floor and dance with your own disco set up.

2.Another cool way of decorating home for this new year would be showcasing the events that happened in 2010. Make a collage of photographs relating to top news stories or personal events mentioning the time and date the events took place.

3.According to the Chinese calender the year 2011 is the year of the Rabbit so decorate your home with the Rabbit theme and ask your guests to dress up with the funny theme.

4.Khaki is the fashion trend of 2011 so decorate your home decor with the Khaki color theme and ask your friends to dress up in Khaki and create a fashion trend in your neighbourhood.

5.Zodiac signs can also be the theme for your new year home decor. Mention the predictions of 2011 of every zodiac sign and decorate it all around the living room.

6.Instead of those old and boring paper streamers replace with colorful ribbons or satins and wrap around from corners to the center of the ceiling.

7.To get the party effect, decorate your living room with Christmas tree lights and scented candles. The tiny lights will set the ambience to dance.

Use these new year home decor tips listed above and surprise your guests with these unique new year home decor themes.

Posted by imran Wednesday, December 29, 2010


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