Lunar Eclipse 2010 Live Scene Details with Photos

Lunar Eclipse 2010 Live Scene Details with Photos-I got out of work right at 11:00 pm and decided to head home and quickly grab the dog and my camera bag and head out east to try to photograph the lunar eclipse tonight.  I met Dann and Skinner out at the I-70 and Airpark exit where our view was unobstructed save for a few cirrus clouds.  My photography results were not that great which I expected because my night time photography skills are terrible.  Anyway, here are a few of the better ones.

Once the eclipse became full, the moon turned to a reddish color which was pretty amazing to see.  Unfortunately, the settings I tried on my camera just couldn’t handle the night time.  I used my telephoto lens which was great when there was still some light left, but after that I just couldn’t dial it in to get the red moon.  Super bummed about that but maybe one day I’ll actually read the manual on my camera.  Still fun as hell being out I-70 at 1AM with friends!


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