Bowl Games 2010: A First Look at This Year's Best Non-BCS Matchups

The Bowl games 2010 schedule has been finalized, and there are some incredibly intriguing matchups on the slate across the board. While most of the BCS games promise to be fantastic games, there are some non-BCS games that have some serious potential as well.

The best of the non-BCS games appears to be the Capital One Bowl, featuring the Michigan State Spartans and Alabama Crimson Tide. Both teams spent most of the season ranked in the top 10, and while both had BCS hopes dashed late in the season, a strong bowl bid would go a long way towards soothing those wounds.

Missouri takes on the Iowa Hawkeyes in a seldom seen border clash in the Insight Bowl. Both teams started the year strong, but the Hawkeyes faded badly down the stretch and are looking to make amends here. Beating the 10-2 Tigers would be a great place to start.

Finally, there's the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl, which might as well be called the "Non-automatic Qualifiers just missing out on a BCS" Bowl. In it, 10-2 Utah takes on 11-1 Boise State, in a game neither one particularly wants to be a part of, given the seasons they've had.


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