Remember, remember the 5th of November: 2 reasons to celebrate

It’s November. 5, a date of high significance that pop culture courteously makes sure we will not forget.

In Great Britain, of course, it’s Guy Fawkes Day, an annual occasion that celebrates the day in 1605 when the assassination plot of King James I was foiled and a man by the name of Fawkes was arrested for his role in the effort.

It’s also a great excuse for Londoners to set off fireworks and for the rest of us to either read an Alan Moore comic book series or watch the movie adaptation of said comic series: “V for Vendetta,” an underestimated 2006 film starring one of this year’s Osar-buzziest ladies, Natalie Portman.

Then there’s that other really authoritative thing that happened on November. 5 — specifically, Nov. 5, 1955, the day that Doc Emmett Brown slipped, hit his head and invented the flux capacitor, which is what makes time travel possible.Read More:


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