Hilary Duff sends sexy photos of herself to the husband Mike Comrie because she wants to keep their marriage "interesting".

The singer-and-actress - who married the Canadian ice hockey player in Aug after dating him for 3 years - is happy to send Mike intimate images of herself although never lets her face been seen in them.

When asked by radio DJ Billy Bush if she sends Mike sexy pictures from her phone, Hilary replied: "Oh my God you are going to get me in trouble . never with my face in it.

"We have gotta keep it fun, gotta keep it interesting."

Hilary Is not worried about anyone else seeing her body because she trusts her husband not to show the snaps to any of his friends.

She said: "he had know better than to forward them on!"

While she admits to sending raunchy messages to Mike to help keep her marriage interesting, Hilary recently revealed she is still adjusting to their long distance marriage.

The 23-year-old star spends most of her time in Los Angeles for work, while her sportsman spouse plays for Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL league.

She said: "Now he's gone and I'm like, 'No, you left me too soon! What's happening?' That kind of sucks. But we're used to that long distance thing and we are going to figure it out. It means a lot of travelling for me this year, but that's OK."


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