Week 10 NFL scores Vikings vs. Bears Thurs are updated here. Wii NFL training camp and Eric Johnson Football trended in Google search.
Final notes: Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears 13 and 27,

First Quarter condition:

Minnesota Vikings once well done. In the 1st quarter, the Vikings completely dominated the Chicago Bears and scored 3 points, but the Bears could not even a single point.

Second Quarter Status:

Chicago Bears took the chance in the second quarter and scored 14 points, while the Minnesota Vikings have scored only seven points.

At the end of the 1st half, Chicago Bears have won 4 point lead against the Minnesota Vikings.

Third Quarter Status:

Chicago Bears kept the same form in the 3rd quarter and scored 6 points too, the Minnesota Vikings scored only three.

Status of the 4th quarter:

Chicago Bears scored seven points in the final quarter as the Vikings could not score even one point.


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