Dancing With The Stars Finals, Brandy and Maks Elimination, Fan Shocker?

Dancing With the Stars finals, warning this is an elimination spoiler. Jennifer Grey the fan favorite to win, waltzed into the finals along with Kyle Massey . The audience on pins and needles, who'd they send home tonight, Brandy Norwood  or Bristol Palin? Bristol who's become America’s Sweetheart, is definitely the most improved dancer this season. I think she not only surprised the judges but the home audience as well.

In a show shocker, Dancing With the Stars  fans sent Brandy Norwood packing. Yes, she was a better dancer than Bristol Palin but she could not compete on a popularity level. Lets face it, Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas share an incredible chemistry and they both seem so sweet. Plus, Bristol Palin is an underdog, a teen mom and she's that incredible Republican base to draw from. Mama Grizzly Bear, Sarah Palin, must be so proud.

For Brandy Norwood and Maks, they're technically fabulous dancers but I did not see much passion between the two. Plus, Maks has an arrogant attitude and came across like a poor sport. Personally, I think Maks ruined it for Brandy, he was not that likeable this season.

Astrochicks is definitely impressed by Bristol Palin’s grace and positive attitude. She took criticism well and improved each week.  I think last nights performance had a touch of Romeo and Juliet, Bristol and Mark definitely looked super cute together. Bristol Palin a Libra girl, definitely knows how to pull at fans heart strings. Astrochicks hopes Jennifer Grey  or Kyle Massey will take home the Dancing With the Stars trophy. We love Bristol Palin but we think the other 2 deserve to win more. Stay tuned.


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