Brad Pitt Has Been Visiting A Psychic

Just recently reports came in that Brad Pitt has been seeing a psychic and that he has been getting some guidance about his relationship with the Angelina Jole. He's getting some help from a spiritual adviser and the adviser confirmed that he was going to her for readings.

The adviser went on to further say that he knows him personally and thinks that he's a very spiritual person. Some people said that they're worried about the relationship that he's with Jolie but the adviser said that he can't talk about the relationship nor what is going on because it would break his confidentiality and that he doesn't want that. Brad feels that the adviser is a source of inspiration, and comfort during very hard times and that he's really helped him.

People hope that this adviser is able to help the relationship with Angelina and Brad because they've kids and they need to learn how to stay together through everything regardless of what all happens. They need to be strong and loving parents which can only be truly accomplished if they love each other deeply but if they do divorce they still need to learn how to get along together for the kids.


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