Santa Monica College Voting Process

present moment the Santa Monica College board of trustees is surveying the votes for the destruction and the reconstruction of several classrooms and a vast arena which is a part of the Santa Monica College. According to the technical details the destruction would make utmost disturbance to the occupants nearby for the buildings that have to be destroyed are not in a sequestered or out of population area; they are located in the city in an area that has a residential locality right across the street. There’s also a school nearby the targeted buildings.

The worry is very great about the impact of the destruction on the masses living nearby and that is why a voting process would resolve how to go on with this process further. According to a few sources in theSanta Monica College there is no evident necessary of destroying the arena at any rate as the reconstruction of the arena is nothing more than an upgrade to the building. It’s for this reason that a lot of opposing opinions rose in theSanta Monica College Board of Trustees and finally voting had to take place.

There’s also the issue of environmental health as the destruction of such an tremendous concrete structure causes a lot of air borne effluents that cause health problems in the people nearby. Apart from that there are mature trees in front of the arena in a lawn that perhaps destroyed along with thedestruction and they have to be saved somehow.


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