Mike Jones is a rapper who can be a bit out of the limelight for now, but rumors are that it will soon return with newly album. Mike Jones-style rap are easy going and a small apartment. His lyrics are new and entertaining. No rap about a lot of attitude and vanity. He is not a gangster rapper. He just has a simple style of rap inspired and that makes it very fun to listen.

The last song by Mike Jones who got hit was back then and still is on YouTube. That song can see it has very fine points in his raps and that makes him a person listens to all ages. The song “Back then” it’s Mike Jones trying to get girls before he became famous or rich. He talks about his history at the time that he had nothing. Basically, this song is trying to say that only girls are money and fame and don't bother with the person. Well, that is what the girls said “he” met.

The video for “Back Then” is also a lot of fun which is shown to be dumped and ignored by pretty girls when he was just a regular guy, but as soon as he became rich is shown that girls are behind your car and they are all crazy for him. All in all that is an extremely talented rapper.


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