Mickie James Vs Mercedes Martinez (WSU) World Title

Mickie James Vs Mercedes Martinez (WSU) World Title:Today leader in the fight against women’s day, Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) is proud to announce the signing of WSU world title match between WSU World Champion and former WWE Diva and Women’s Champion Mickie James, as Mickie would be a problem for the WSU championship on 8 / 7 on the show ICW in Queens, NY. For those interested, Mickie James will be a meeting / greeting fans at the event on behalf of the ICW.

Mickie James is currently a free agent in all Hot Women Wrestling today. Women’s former WWE Diva and the champion will look to win the big prize in women’s wrestling today, when she steps into the ring with Mercedes-Martinez at 8 / 7. WSU World Champion title was defended in the wonderful and many women, the match candidates. not bikini garbage. Isn't Äúdiva, Au struggle. 8 / 7, Martinez and Mickie James will show the world what the name of the World WSU means when they calm down.

Nevertheless, one thing that is missing WWE WSU isn't a reliable defenders of women. WSU is all about the impressive female wrestlers and characters. Models were no fighters here. Women wrestlers from all over the world, young, in their prime and looking to regain its former glory all come to WSU to make a name for himself. WSU isn't a stupid hee-ha-ha, and dressingwomen in the stupid tricks you can, Äôve seen in the 1980′s. WSU is a pure sport of women’s struggle and hard strike matches.

On 8 / 7 on the ICW, you will see the best in the world, Mercedes-Martinez, lifted the World Cup against WSU, perhaps, the largest and most well known name in women’swrestling when Martinez clash with Mickie James.

Mickie, AO workload, such as female wrestler impressive and impeccable. She beat them on television, but it Hasn, AOT beat hard working female wrestler today, WSU champion.
Aug 7, 2010 in Queens, NY for the ICW, JAMES v. Martinez. You don't want to miss this fight for dominance in women’s wrestling.


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