Hurricane Earl projected path 2010 storm tracker: Will Hurricane Earl hit Rhode Island? (Video)

As Hurricane Danielle blows out to sea, Hurricane Earl's projected path is the tracking toward New England. The 2010 hurricane tracker shows Hurricane Earl coming up the east coast, dangerously close to the southern coast of New England, and could affect the area going into the weekend. Rhode Islanders should be watching weather forecasts at this point, and be ready to take precautions if necessary.

Hurricane Earl's "cone of uncertainty" brings the major storm well within New England's reach, which means people in the Providence, Rhode Island area are definitely watching Hurricane Earl's projected path.

Rhode Island's Providence Journal reported earlier this morning time, "To make it all a little more interesting, Hurricane Earl is expected to strengthen into a major hurricane over the next few days and could have an impact on Southern New England at the end of the week. "At this time, it appears Earl will bring just a glancing blow, but the potential for a larger impact can't be ruled out yet," the weather service says."

According to the Boston Herald, "Forecasters say there's a chance the hurricane could brush the United States. Mid-Atlantic region toward the end of the week, with its closest approach to North Carolina on Friday. In any case, the U.S. East Coast is likely to see pounding surf. 'Folks from the Carolinas northward through the Mid-Atlantic and New England need to be paying attention to Earl and the forecasts as they get updated through the week,' Brennan said."

Stay tuned for more updates on the 2010 projected path for Hurricane Earl.


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