Giant Sinkhole in Guatemala City 2010 Photos – Photoshopped?

Guatemala Sinkhole Photos. Well, according to various reports, yes they are real! No, they are not Photoshopped images as some might be thinking or claiming, but they are actual sinkhole photos. The sinkhole appeared after the tropical storm Agatha came and hit Guatemala. The country is no stranger to sinkholes either. In February 2007, a large sinkhole appeared in a poor neighborhood in northeast Guatemala city that killed 3 people. The sinkhole was 100.5 meters deep and was created by fluid from a sewer that dissolved the rock underneath.

Where is the sinkhole located? The crated appeared in Zone 2 of Guatemala City. This “hundimiento” or spontaneous sinkhole is so large that it engulfs a three story building and a house and is larger than a street intersection. There are no reports yet on how deep the sinkhole is. There are also no reports of injuries caused by this sinkhole.

According to scientists, this occurrence happens from time to time during major storms. It could be caused naturally such as in this case or it could be caused by man itself such as the last one back in 2007.

Check out pictures of the sinkhole as released by the Guatemala government after the jump:
Guatemala is the largest city and capital of the Republic of Guatemala. It is considered the economic capital of Central America and is situated between Mexico and Honduras.


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