Justin Bieber : arrested or rumor

Gossips and scandals are also the part of life, but as a celebrity, people think that more you are involved in gossips and scandals you become more famous.

Similarly fake news are also circulating all over the internet. A similar story happened to Justin, a child star of Canada. Several rumors are moving all over the internet that the child star is arrested but there is as such no confirmation. The rumor said that he was caught by the cops from the Ringo’s Pub. He was enjoying with his friends in the parking of the club.

They said he used to spend his time with his friends till late night and on that night he entered in an area which is restricted. Policeman starts to stop him but he didn’t listen to them, and this is the reason of being arrested.

He was born on the 1st March 1994 in Stratford. He is now sixteen years old and producing an outstanding music. He is a multitalented child. He is not only the singer but also a song writer. He used different instruments in his music like guitar, piano etc. he start his career from 2007 and till now he is doing well. He has shown his abilities as actor also. He is also appeared as a guest star in movies.

Till now he has produced two albums, first one is “My World” and the second one “My World 2.0”. His albums produced outstanding results and become famous; his tracks are also good and people usually sing his songs. He was also nominated for several awards, although he got only one. He was honored by the TRL Awards in 2010 for his outstanding acting. He is working hard to show his talent to his fans.

He is the “Hollywood Celebrity of the week”, people are waiting for his live performance and also for his new albums.


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