Andy Kaufman, the great performer to rave about

Any Kaufman, whose complete name was the Andrew Geoffrey Kaufman was a super American entertainer, actor and a classy performer. Andy was born on January 17th in 1949 in New York and was widely regarded as a brilliant comedian of his time.Belonging to a Jewish middle class family, Kaufman had started his career at the tender age of nine. After attending the Graham Junior College in Boston and then graduating in 1971, Any Kaufman turned to stand-up comedy by performing his skills at various small clubs along the East Coast.

The attention-grabbing performance in his career came with the character of Foreign Man. After that there was no looking back for the marvelous comedian. His fake accent, which he often used to utter, “I would like to imitate Meester Carter, De President of The United States”. He would continue in the same breath, “Hello, I’m Meester Carter, De President of The United States. T’ank You Veddy Much’. The audience used to enjoy it.

He once announced to imitate the great Elvis Presley. His imitation was what was hugely liked by Presley himself, as he described it his favorite. When the audiences applauded this performance with big claps, Kaufman bowed and said in his trademark style, ‘T’ank You Veddy Much’.

One day, the family members were gathered at the Thanksgiving dinner in 1983, he started coughing non-stop. This made all of them worried and concerned over Andy Kaufman’s persistent coughing and it came to everybody’s knowledge that this had been happening for last one month. He was initially diagnosed with a rare type of lung cancer in December 1983. The doctors lost hope nonetheless the brave actor fought with the disease until his death that happened in Los Angeles on May 16th in 1984 of kidney failure.

Hats off to the classy performer.


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