Miley Cyrus’s “lap dance” video released - it’s not that scandalous

Yesterday, Radar had the scoop that "someone" had a video of a 16-year-old Miley Cyrus giving a 44-year-old gay film producer a "grinding" lap dance. This all took place at the wrap party for The Last Song last summer. I didn't really doubt that the video existed, or that Miley did in fact give a dude a lap dance, and it looks like both were true. TMZ got a hold of the video

My first reaction was "This is totally not as scandalous as Radar made it seem". The party seems very crowded, and it doesn't even seem like many people are paying any attention to Miley at first. Of course, then she climbs on a chair and rubs her ass on a 44-year-old dude, so people start paying attention. So… it is pretty gross when you think about it.

I don't care if Adam Shankman is gay - why in the world is a 44-year-old man dancing with a 16-year-old like that? Also - this is not Miley's first time at the lap dance rodeo, even though I don't consider this particular instance a "lap dance". It's more like some gross, underage dirty dancing, I guess. There is grinding. There is a lot of hip action. And she's good at it, and she's done it many times before. "We're told Miley's parents were not at the wrap party. Miley's reps had no comment." I can't see how Miley's parents would object, seriously. What are they going to do? Take away the stripper pole she had installed in her house, where she's now living alone?


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