Gloria James: Delonte West Affair Rumors

Gloria James, Delonte West affair rumors are rampant across the internet. Claiming that Lebron James’ mom and Delonte West slept together. Read more here and check out video.

This crazy rumor hit the internet on Friday, suggesting that Lebron James’ mom and Delonte West were an item.

The weekend was expected to bring a statement of some type claiming denial, but instead the silence just fumed the flame, and now the rumor is back and all over the place.

Now, it is being said that the affair is what is causing LeBron and West’s games to be a bit off, and that all started after Game 4. Not being into basketball myself, but always loving a hot story, Bumpshack reports that “James did have a triple-double, but he also had 9 turnovers and seemed to not care too much in the last 5 minutes if they won or lost.”

I mean it would make sense for the poor guy to loose his head if a teammate was doing the nasty with his mom. That is quite the embarrassing rumor, and with no denial, it is just getting bigger. claims to have a source verifying that it is indeed true. Nasty!

So now that the Cleveland Cavaliers were eliminated from the postseason, LeBron James is a free agent and has some decision making to do. Including the Gloria tattoo he has on his arm for his mother. I am totally kidding, but I bet he will think about that a little differently now. What an embarrassing rumor.

So readers, what do you think about the Gloria James, Delonte West affair rumors? Could it possibly be true? Does it matter? Check out pictures and video posted below, and then leave me your comments in the comment section!


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