MondMarathon ay: Boston Marathon 26000 Running the Course (course map)

April 19, 2010 the city of Boston shuts down (almost, I am still working) for Marathon Monday. This year 26000 (registered) people have come out to run the Boston Marathon, and unlike other years Americans are among the contenders--which may have to do with the volcano in Iceland grounding all flights from Europe due to the volcanic ash.

Last years Boston Marathon defending champions have made it to the race, Deriba Merga of Ethiopia and Salina Kosgei of Kenya looking to repeat last years win. The race began with the wheelchair racers. At 10:00 am the 26000 runners (registered) lined up to begin their 26.2 mile run from Hopkinton to Boston's Back Bay, finishing in Copley Square in front of the Boston Public Library.

The two American front-runners are Meb Keflezighi, who won the New York City Marathon, and Ryan Hall. An American has not won the Boston Marathon since 1983. I'm heading over to Copley Square at lunch to cheer on some friends who are running. The weather in Boston is beautiful, maybe on the hot side for a marathon, but no rain which means lots of spectators! Check out the Boston Marathon course map to see where you can catch a glimpse of the 26000+ runners on their track to the finish.


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