Today is Dec 21, 2009 and 21st December is the day of Winter Solstice traditions, also known as Yule. In the North Hemisphere, it is the time of official announcement of the winter. Solstice will take place at 12:47 pm EST.

On this day, we have shortest day and longest night due to the earth’s axial tilt which is the farthest away from the sun. The sun went closer to the horizon making the day time shorter by giving least amount of daylight and thus lengthening the night.

So today, you are enjoying Winter Solstice with shortest day but from tomorrow we will start waiting for Summer Solstice which will arrive on 21st June. On 21st June we have longest day of 15 hours and shortest night.

There are traditional celebrations for this day as well. In ancient, people who were living in a world where everyone believed in mystery and magic. Every year, they celebrated together the miraculously return of the light after the longest night of the year.
At the yurt which is a circular wooden structure on a multi-acre property on Old West Saanich Road people will gather from across the region and will illuminate candles at a dark patch of land in Central Saanich.

According to the celebration organizers there will be a Celtic yule log ceremony along with candle-lit. Karen Silverhawk said that it is a time of enjoying nature and sharing beauty with the community. People will come out of their homes wearing warm clothes and holding white taper candles. There will be a walk, music and meditation on the day.


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