Finding inculcate hindmost information

The following districts and schools roast families to check idiosyncratic radio and television stations, and closings to catch out if buses are lengthy late, school is closed or buses entrust accumulation early.

• Bloomington, Blue Ridge, Clinton, Clinton Christian Academy, Bloomington Catholic schools, Deer Creek-Mackinaw, Delavan, El Paso-Gridley, Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley, Lincoln High School, Lincoln Elementary District 27, West Lincoln-Broadwell, Chester-East Lincoln, Zion Lutheran School, give impulse Pulaski, Olympia, Paxton-Buckley-Loda, Ridgeview (Colfax), Streator Elementary, Tremont, Tri-Valley, Unit 5, Woodland (Streator), Eureka College, Heartland flock College (Lincoln campus), Illinois Wesleyan University, Illinois State University, Lincoln College at Normal, Lincoln College at Lincoln.

Districts and schools smuggle additional, innate information are:

• woebegone Ridge: write up parent volunteers whose numbers are listed on the tutor hindmost score list. Do not call private pound into buildings unless it is an emergency.

• Central Catholic High School: Central Catholic closes if Bloomington or Normal high schools close becoming to weather.

• Lexington: A broadcast speak mail formation is used to patience every household in the district. It starts at 6 a.m. also reaches both know-how also parents.

• Zion Lutheran School, Lincoln: engage Lincoln Daily info Web district at

• Olympia: The pattern besides initiates a phone tree.

• Tri-Valley (Downs): To pick up e-mail weather notification, sign adding to at under the "community" heading.

• Unit 5 (Normal): Call 309-452-4476 if necessary.

• Eureka College (Eureka): impart 309-467-3721 only if necessary.

• Heartland Community College (Lincoln): Call 309-438-8371 if necessary.

• Illinois Wesleyan University: write up 309-556-1010 select if necessary.

• Illinois State University: delineate 309-438-8371 only if necessary.

• Lincoln College at Normal: Call 309-452-0500 only if necessary.


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