Percy Sutton was a one man corporation. From a freedom rider to a young lawyer, and from politician to a business icon, Percy Sutton was one of the black Americans who remained active for the rights of African-American people. Percy Sutton gave his hand into the hands of death at 89.

Percy Sutton’s journey includes representing Malcolm X and rescuing Apollo Theatre. In the thorny fields of politics he raise from Democratic clubhouses and in1977, he was considered seriously for the mayor ship candidature of Harlem.

Percy Sutton did not become the mayor of the city but he paved way for other blacks and in 1989 when David N Dinkins became the first Black Mayor, he paid tribute to Percy Sutton by saying that Percy Sutton’s efforts were behind his success and he added that he is standing on the shoulders of Percy Sutton.

Edward I Koch who became mayor in 1977 admitted later that it was only God’s will that he has become mayor other wise he has not seen any man sharp and smart enough as Percy Sutton.

The last of his fourteen brothers and sisters Percy Ellis Sutton was born in November 1920 in Texas. At the age of 13 he was badly beaten for distributing N.A.A.C.P brochures to white neighborhood but as his family was committed to human rights so was Percy Sutton.

A veteran of WWII who served in an all black unit of Air Force as an intelligence officer

Percy earned his lawyer’s degree from Brooklyn Law School.

The man who was addressed by the name of Chairman left a wife, a son and a daughter as his survivors. A devoted and dedicated chapter of fighting for human rights of blacks ended with Percy Sutton. RIP Percy Sutton.


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