Hoosier lottery winning numbers for Saturday, December 12

The winning Hoosier lottery numbers for the Saturday December 12, 2009 drawn are 07-12-14-19-30-32

There is no winner for the $2.5 million jackpot of Hoosier lottery for the drawing. The next draw will be next Wednesday Dec 16 and the jackpot will increase to $3 million.
Quick Draw 09-13-16-21-23-26-29-36-37-38-40-45-50-63-65-66-70-73-75-78

Powerball 12-13-14-35-41, Powerball: 29, Power Play: 2

Lucky 5 Evening 17-20-21-28-29

Mix and Match 16-23-30-35-40 (Drawn Fri, Dec 11, 2009)

Lucky 5 Midday 10-12-15-23-27

Daily 4 Evening 4-8-4-6

Daily 4 Midday 6-9-0-7

Daily 3 Evening 8-6-7

Daily 3 Midday 8-8-4

All except for Mix and Match were drawn on Saturday Dec 12, 2009.

Hoosier Lottery or Hoosier lotto is the lottery run by the state of Indiana lottery commission.

Here is how to play Hoosier lottery:

Each board cost $1

Use black or blue ink or pencil to mark 6 numers in each board, you can use up to 5 boards per playslip. If you want the machine to quick pick your numbers, select Quick Pick (QP)

Do not erase if you pick a wrong number. Just mark VOID box and use another board.

Multi-Draw lets you decide the number of drawning you want to play with the same numbers.

The odds to win hoosier lottery:

Match, Prize, Odds

Match 6 of 6, jackpot, 1 out of 12,271,512
5 of 6, Pari-mutuel, 1 out of 48,696
4 of 6, Pari mutuel, 1 out of 950.18
3 of 6, $3, 1 out of 53.45
2 of 6, free QUick Pick, 1 out of 7.31


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