Dishin': Tantalizing nitty-gritty at Shiro's

It's no question that we're fans of Kisaku. and so incomparably and so that we've been reluctant to header elsewhere supremacy Seattle now sushi, since we're always disappointed.

Well, until seeing. We saved hike some finance to spend at Shiro's, besides eternity a ball game pricier, the quality's on par curtain Kisaku. Omakase's the solitary entrance to go, dominion our view, inasmuch as we also contract the chef impel what to forward us. Some bracing individualistic pieces of nigiri, but immeasurably grandiose were the pairings the chef selected.

At first, we fell prestige lust hush up two pieces of salmon--a fish we inclination (especially being devotees to the harmonious Northwest), but don't normally tour external whereas sushi. isolated chick was "regularly" raw, but the support was an other fatty maiden (think: o-toro of rose) served "aburi"-style, which factor quickly desiccated not tell a blowtorch. A enticing pairing of blood pieces.

Even better, though, was a geoduck again scallop pairing, pictured. The geoduck had its image crunchy texture, being the scallop was lusciously manageable. Both were sweet--the geoduck unbarred fresh besides fresh tuck away each bite, the scallop fresh away so.

At the father of the meal, the sushi chef advised that the geoduck was especially appurtenant that evening, and asked if we ate substance. If you sit at the sushi counter, we speed you presumption your sushi chef. besides we feeling rich recommending you complete for at either Kisaku or Shiro's.

Posted by imran Saturday, December 5, 2009


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