Yankees Parade Route, Parade to celebrate winning World Series of New York Yankees have been designed. Parade held Friday, November 6th, at 11 am through the Canyon of Heroes. They can not attend, the parade will be streamed live online.

Canyon of Heroes parade route usually goes Broadway Bowling Green City Hall Park, however, the official parade route Yankees Parade has been reported.

Yankees won the Philadelphia Phillies with a 7-3 and earned a Division 4 game 2 New York Yankees are once again crowned the World Series title. They are prepared to parade down the Canyon race of Heroes in Manhattan, a place known as the parade. The parade will begin at approximately 11 am on Friday morning, the celebrations and win the title by defeating the Phillies in New York. Parade is a trip to Broadway and Chambers Street. Teammates receive from the confetti shower and all the spectators along the route. Team presents the key city of City Hotel in New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

According to sources, sidewalks and the route will be opened to the public. Large screen outside the city into public view inside the house to celebrate the town hall is too small to hold such a mob. Mr. Nutters with the New York Yankees and the mayor of Jersey and paint a mural on the walls Albert Einstein School.

Hedaki Matsui has played a key role in the success of the Yankees score 6 out of 7 He is the first native Japanese to win the MVP, and he himself is the second hitter, who has scored eight RBIs with Jackson, who made a record in 1977 and 1978. After the match, he talked about the performance and said he is happy and surprised by his performance.

“The Boss” is the team’s accession to the party, because he is at home and enjoy the success there. Yankees talk about his health, but it is sure that he is sick and not feeling well. He was here in New York in the first two games but then went back home to his wife.


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