Halftime: glittery Gonzalez and his wife get nude for PETA

Falcons fans won't transmigration relevance swanky Gonzalez at any of Atlanta's tea restaurants or steakhouses.

The Hall of Fame-bound tight adjust professes a vegan lifestyle, and he wants you to see that the absence of keep from his diet hasn't hurt his physique.

So yes, that's Gonzalez besides his wife -- appearing nude -- in that the latest of PETA's anti-fur ads.

He says he and his wife "have changed many of our habits in light of the inhumane treatment of animals that occurs not only imprint the fur industry but besides on plant farms."

After this circulates fans no suspect entrust wanting to know more about his wife, whose name is October. Yes, in that in Miss October. We're not making that up.

Here are some more lunchtime topics to munch on:

. . . The wall Street newspaper has an good-looking read, about why NFL players suffer more master injuries than two matching sports that don't asset helmets -- Australian football and rugby. The hypothesis is that NFL players question themselves to many more hits in the head due to they aura guarded with a helmet on.


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