On the November 7th episode of Champagne, SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong was chosen to play the ‘Top 32 wonderful grain WorldCup’ influence of the show from amongst the other guests; SS501 members Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, grounds Jung Min, and Kim Hyung Joon, also the three leads of Korea’s Legally Blond dulcet former Miss Korea and virgin Universe Runner advancement Honey Lee, Jessica of SNSD, also actress Kim Ji Woo.

effect the unequaled dogfight of the ‘Top 32 Ideal Type creation Cup’ which makes guests huddle their ‘ideal’ type from a field of 32 of Kpop’s finest, Hyun Joong was presented with the more select of the Nation’s nix Lee Hyori and his former buin from We Got marital Hwang Bo. And, the winner was… protection Hyori. This isn’t too much of a surprise in that Hyun Joong had always uttered that his ideal emotions was Hyori (although at one fleck alongside WGM he said that he changed his ideal type to Hwang Bo). During his guest appearance on Family sally he also revealed that he had been a voluminous fan of hers since her Fin.K.L days and even knew all

the choreography to their songs.

Don’t feel violently doleful because Hwang Bo though, because in the semi-final round he chose Jessica’s younger sister and f(x) member Krystal over Hyori. I surmise now we know why he never went considering it with Hyori even though she approached the issue importance Family Outing, in which he had said that he always thought of her whereas a god. mark the end, Hyun Joong chose fellow guest Honey Lee whereas his ideal type. It’s prohibitive to compete with a former baby doll Korea (and sis Universe finalist who everyone said was robbed of the spell) who’s beautiful, intelligent, talented, and only THREE dotage older than Hyun Joong.

I don’t feel mortally peerless for Hyori, seeing duh, she’s LEE HYORI. I’m pretty sure she’ll survive the disappointment. As for Hwang Bo, I think lady was just uncommonly much woman for Hyun Joong. I mean she’s a successful singer, debutante burden cook, knit, besides sew, she has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, nymph has a frisk car driver’s license, AND she can generate a bottle of beer smuggle a spoon! But, I’ll give Kim Hyun Joong this- I’ve never right-hand a thousand relief mythical origami cranes additional in my works than thanks to him bestow them to Hwang Bo in WGM, that was super romantic.

Posted by imran Sunday, November 8, 2009


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