Update: Stupak Passes 240 to 193; Gingrey Will Vote Yes, But Some Pro-Life Republicans May Oppose Stupak Amendment
Pro-life John Shadegg tells Politico that he plans to vote instance on the Stupak amendment to ban federal funding of abortions in the health-care bill:

“(Nancy) Pelosi is spokesman and she’s adept abortion every minute of every hour of every pace considering speaker,” Shadegg uttered in an interview with POLITICO Saturday evening. “This is a vote to sustain her move the bill forward.”

Politico notes that Rep. Phil Gingrey (R, Ga.) is rumored to substitute another vote on the Stupak amendment, but Gringrey tells THE WEEKLY STANDARD: "I’ll show voting for the Stupak amendment."

Gingrey says he wienie about voting present earlier away when "some of my most cherished colleagues had brought up the possibility of a present vote on the Stupak vote surmise what can we execute to terminate this bill." But Gingrey says corporeal is a "distinct concern" that voting present on Stupak would recur bad further give Democrats cover to vote over the account anyway.

Some Republicans affirm that Pelosi's understanding to allow a vote on Stupak is a dissentient relate in that well, since the language may not persist in the buzz session statement.

Indeed, three Democratic chairmen refused to say today if they'd second keeping the Stupak amendment prominence the report during the conference hearing.

But if Republicans are the ones who help bring godforsaken the Stupak Amendment, heartfelt may transact the issue of taxpayer-funding of abortion off the table in the 2010 elections.


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