BeBe Winans wife is pisssed! So after Oprah basically black balls Chris Brown for beating up Rhianna, she goes and decides to have gospel artist BeBe Winans, who has a domestic violence charge pending on him now, on her show.

What kind of foolishness is that? Our friends over at eurweb.cpm are reporting that Winans ex-wife she is very hurt that Oprah would make the decision to have BeBe Winans on the show.

The crazy thing is, BeBe Winans was arrested in February, the day right before Oprah had aired her domestic violence special as her response to the Chris Brown and Rhianna incident. And not only is BeBe going to be on the show, he is the host of “Oprah’s Karaoke Challenge,” which is a nationwide competition to find the best karaoke singer.

In my opinion Oprah is being a little contradictive. If she is going to allow BeBe on the show, then why not Chris Brown? What do ya’ll think?

Posted by imran Wednesday, November 4, 2009


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